Hair Loss Treatments for Retaining Hairs and Transplant to Regain Them Artificially

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Hair loss that is commonly found in many people might have many causes.

  • Unhealthy lifestyle and improper cleaning of hair.
  • Irregular cleaning and washing of hairs.
  • Exposure to pollution.
  • Harmonic alterations.
  • Bacterial infections such as dandruff that is not rectified at early stage.
  • Lack of nourishment to hairs from daily diet.

There are some other specific cases such as hair fall in pregnancy and hair fall as a side effect of radiation therapy in cancer patients. These need specified medications and treatments for cure.

General hair fall can be treated through one of these, or combination of these hair loss treatments:

  • Hair oils: There are many hair oils that claim to treat hair loss. The results may vary person to person depending on their amount of hair loss and their response. However these hair oils emphasize on proper nourishment to roots of hairs to strengthen them and improve hair growth.
  • Shampoos: There are specially designed shampoos that fight hair loss. They clean the upper layer of scalp so that all impurities are removed. Additionally they can nourish hair roots for encouraging hair growth. We can expect to have clean and healthy scalp by regular use of these shampoos. Most of them possess herbal extracts that are clinically proven to fight hair loss and encourage hair growth.
  • Alternate medicines:¬†There are many Homeopathic and Ayurvedic medications and oils that can be helpful for minimizing hair loss. Expert physicians diagnose every patient properly and prescribe a schedule of dosage accordingly. Many people are benefitted by these remedies to minimize hair loss.

If hair loss is irreversible and has already leaded the patient to baldness, there is no cure reposted so far to regain the lost hair. Most of the remedies can help us reduce hair loss and retain our existing hair. We must approach hair transplant doctor for a cosmetic procedure that adds our own hair in affected areas. This is a popular remedy for baldness in youngsters or people from any age group.

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