Lip Reduction Surgery for Correction in Aesthetic Appearance of Lips

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Proper shape, size and natural color of lips add to elegance of the smile. Unfortunately some people might have lips that are abnormally larger in size containing excess fats and uneven contours. There are certain cosmetic procedures and surgeries that can change the way our lips look.

Lip reduction surgery is the best solution for amending shape and size of our lips. This surgery is usually performed under local or IV anesthesia and requires about half an hour per lip. Thus patients don’t require to stay overnight in the hospital and can be discharged within some hours.

Usually this surgery is performed on patients those have too big lip and want them to be reduced in size. Some patients might have excessive skin on the upper lip that hangs and causes inconvenience even for their fluent and clear pronunciations and overall speech. Additionally, post trauma cases involve scars on lips, congenital defects and defects regarding asymmetry of lips. This procedure may not be suitable for people that possess excessive teeth structure. If lips are reduced for these patients that may cause odd appearance of tooth structure and overall aesthetics of face might be lost.

For designing lip reduction for particular patient, surgeons study their lip structure when at rest, while smiling and speaking and then they systematically decide on removal of particular lip portions. Patient would be administered under local or IV anesthesia for this surgery and surgeons would operate their lips to remove excessive fats and skin.

The lip reduction cost depending on various factors. This cost would depend on whether only one lip is being treated or surgery is performed on both the lips. The experience of surgeon and geographical location of his office is also a factor to consider. There are some other additions such as fee of anesthesia specialist, hospital facilities, surgical equipment, prescribed medication etc.

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